Our Services


Generally our services are about branding and online marketing. The goal of our services are assisting business owners to run and develop their business in online world. After the brand creation, the online marketing also important to be done. That’s why we born, we give one stop solution for our client in running their business.


In branding part, we serve all elements of brand creation. Start form deciding the name, identity and promote the brand itself. There are 3 main activities in branding process, they are; strategy, identity, and marketing. Here are some brief of the services.

Brand Strategy

In the beginning of brand creation, a product or business should have a strategy to develop the brand. Brand Strategy aims are to achieve awareness, trust, loyalty and advocacy from the costumer. The process of the brand strategy are start from the business analysis, values, vision and mission, then continue to the competitor analysis, target market, and positioning of the brand itself. Without brand strategy, usually the brand will have stuck on the process and need to go back again, and start from the beginning to develop it. MRV SPACE assists the business owners to create the brand strategy in running their business in the market.

Brand Identity

  • Business naming service
  • Slogan and Tagline service
  • Jingle creation service
  • Logo design service
  • Brand Guidelines design service
  • Stationery design service
  • Packaging design service
  • Website development
  • Graphic design service
  • Social media content service, etc.

Brand Marketing

The next part after strategy and identity has been created is marketing. Brand marketing is also important to do, it is useless if we do not do marketing. People will not know our brand and the brand will have no impact for the business. The core of this activity is to promote the brand to the people and target market, so the brand will start to compete with the competitor.


They cannot be separated {but} Branding is “who you are” and Marketing is promotion.


MRV SPACE offer online marketing services to help business owners sell their products in the market, especially in online marketing. In this modern era, online marketing is one of the important things to do for running a business. Online marketing will make the business grow and also defend from the competitor. Our online marketing services are all about the efforts to promote the business in online word. They can be seen below.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a process to optimize the business from the populer search engine, google is the best search engine in the world for now. The goal is to make the business listed in the google and people who need the product will find it when they search it in google.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We promote the business using paid ads that search engine has been provided. We list the ads for the products on the first page of google using a specific keyword.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Optimize the use of social media to promote the products. We need to have a great content for business social media account. It will grab the customer by using the great content post.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media now has some features to promote business to their users. They have algorithm to make the ads run effectively to grab customer. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Marketplace Optimization (MO)

Ebay and amazon are international marketplace. In each country, usually has own popular marketplace. So it can be used to promote the business in local area using local marketplace. Business needs a great content in selling the product in the markeplace.

Marketplace Marketing (MM)

Some marketplace has paid ads feature for the seller. The method is like SEM and SMM, they will show the product ads to the users who are looking for same or similar product, and using up-selling also cross-selling methods increase the transaction possibility.


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